Consulting & Investment

We believe that creating strategic relationships is key to providing you long-term value and success. At Y.I Holdings Group, the right partnership opens doors to new opportunities that would have set you behind in progress. It is through these partnerships that we are privileged to well-kept industry secrets and exclusive knowledge of future market trends.
Understanding You
At Y.I Holdings Group, your vision and values come first and we will never compromise who you are at the expense of short-term goals. Our focus is to enhance the core strength of your business. Understanding who you are and what you do best to achieve your highest potential is our main priority.
Making Your Mark
We will aid and guide you through your development and expansion plans whilst creating a strong presence within the Malaysian and Singaporean market.
Unparalleled Analytics
Through our comprehensive networks, we are able to provide you with key data that projects long- term market trends. Stay ahead of your competition by making key decision based on otherwise unattainable data.
Breaking Down Walls
Capitalize on our network streams to establish long-term relationship with local government and private sectors such as diplomatic communities, high level government dignitaries, trade and investment corporations, private equity-fund companies, venture capitalists, major banks and other agencies.
Chairman of PETRONAS

Tan Sri Mohd Bakke Salleh

Founder and Chairman of Sunway Group

Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah

Founder and Chairman of GLOMAC Berhad

Tan Sri FD Mansor

Co-Founder of RHB and Current Founder & Chairman of CMY Capital Group

Tan Sri Chua Ma Yu

Board of Directors and Majority Shareholder of GAMUDA Berhad

Raja Eleena binti Almarhum Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah Al-Maghfur-lah