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A diversified investment holding and consultant company that provides mentorship and performance- based strategies through guidance from influential Malaysian business magnates and industry leaders. Y.I Holdings Group creates strategic partnerships in Malaysia’s public and government sector to ensure you have access to the information and support you need.

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Our extensive connections within the upper echelons of Malaysian and Singaporean governments are our biggest asset. Through our genuine friendship and influences with government and business leaders, we are able to gather unrivalled insights to strategise against your competition.
We have over 66 years of collective experience in governmental and private sector growth efforts, mentorship and business development. We are able to provide adaptable growth strategies from our experience of mentoring and investing in a multitude of businesses in different industries.
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We are committed to provide and develop performance-based plans based on exclusive data to ensure your assets are expertly capitalised to meet key milestones. At Y.I Holdings Group, we work meticulously to provide you detailed analysis of growth performance strategies.
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